Hi I am Koffie, my mom named me that because I am black and strong—just the way she likes to drink her coffee! I am one of the mascots of Florida Outdoor Academy where we do some really cool stuff!

Mom has been draggin me out of bed every morning to go for a walk. She says we are gettin in shape to go on a trip with other people. Somethin’ about a trail called “Apple—something” and that I have to be ready to walk about 5-6 miles a day. Sure hope there is some peanut butter on that apple—something trail!! I love peanut butter a lot. Mom says I have to build up my strength to do this hike ’cause she says I have to pack my own food and treats—what is she thinkin’?

We have been walking every morning at about 7:00, round and round this race track by our house. We have to go early cuse it is HOT in Florida. I am from Alaska and I can’t figure out why we moved here, but I am with mom so I don’t care!! Mom is hoping everyone is getting ready for this trip in September.

I am going to keep talkin with you as we get ready. Then when we are on the trail I am gonna keep it up—that is one of my jobs. We are having a “morning Koffie Konversation” each day of the trip. So stay tuned!!!

See ya on the trail!

– Koffie the Bloggin Dawg

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