I had just returned to town after spending a long weekend in the mountains, when I went to pick up my fur baby, Pudge. When he first saw me walk through the door, he came running to me at full speed, acting like a complete lunatic, as Boston Terriers always do. He happily jumped in the car, situated himself in his seat, laid down and we started our drive home.

We were twenty minutes into the drive when he got up out of his seat. I didn’t initially think much of it as he usually gets up to look out the window, to put his face directly into the AC or to ask me for some ear-scratches. However, this time was a little bit different. He began staring off into space and was not responding to my voice. Within seconds I noticed his left eye twitching and he suddenly slid off the seat and onto the floorboard. Laying on his side, his legs were flailing about, his neck was fully extended, and his mouth began foaming like crazy. Complete terror struck my heart and I pulled off to the side of the road.

I had never experienced first-hand a dog having a seizure and never expected that it would happen to my pup. It was beyond terrifying and I couldn’t help but feel completely helpless as I watched Pudge thrash on the floor, for what seemed like an eternity.

Thankfully, I recently took Pet First Aid with Florida Outdoor Academy and I knew that this episode would eventually pass. I knew exactly what signs to monitor and what events to take note of for the veterinarian. He had to stay overnight at the vet’s office to be monitored for 24 hours. He is still having tests run at the moment to find the cause of his seizure. I’ll post updates on Pudge’s recovery as we find out more information. Stay tuned.


It’s been about a week since Pudge’s seizure and he has not had another episode. His bloodwork came back fine, he has had plenty of rest and he’s back to acting like his normal, goofy self. I’ll continue to keep an eye on him, and the vet has suggested that I begin keeping a journal of any unusual activity.

After this incident, I suggest to everyone with a pet to enroll in one of Florida Outdoor Academy’s Pet First Aid and CPR courses. I’m glad I took the class and I feel it made all the difference in how this particular situation went down.

Just look at that smiling face now.

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