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Florida Outdoor Academy (FOA) is a group of educators, medical professionals and rescuers sharing our passion for the outdoors and helping create a safer community through remote and disaster medical courses. Our team is made up climbers, paddlers, cross country cyclist, hikers, and expedition leaders who are dedicated to their passion for emergency medicine as EMTs and Paramedics certify through SOLO Wilderness Medical School, the oldest continually running wilderness medical school in the world. SOLO is the industry leader in wilderness medical classes such as: Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness EMT, and the Geo Medic Series.  We are based in Jacksonville, Florida yet we travel and offer courses throughout the state of Florida and the Southeast including Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. 

Why SOLO? SOLO Wilderness Medical School started in the early 70s with Dr. Hubble and wife Lee, with the main campus in Conway, NH. Dr. Hubble being an EMT on Ski Patrol in the White Mountains saw his share of backcountry rescues. The took hours to get people off the mountain and realized that there was no emergency medical protocol for long term care in remote areas. This sparked his interest and has fueled his life long mission. He decided to go to medical school and created what we know now as Wilderness Medicine. Eventually the need for remote and wilderness medicine grew, new organizations formed due to geographical separation. SOLO West became WMI and was bought by NOLS, WMA was also formed and many more organizations over the years. 

 Our team is certified through:

• SOLO Wilderness Medicine School – offering certifications in Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness First Responder Re-cert

• American Heart Association BLS, First Aid & CPR, ACLS

• American Red Cross Lifeguarding CPR & First Aid

We partner with community environmental non-profits like the North Florida Land Trust to promote and protect land preservation, river cleanups, community paddling events, and just helping people to access nature in a responsible and safe way.

Program Credentials

FOA curriculum provider is SOLO

SOLO Wilderness Medicine School works on an ongoing basis with hundreds of federal and state authorities to ensure regulatory compliance. These programs have been reviewed by and/or satisfy the requirements of the Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration (DOL/OSHA), the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard (DHS/USCG). These programs are also recognized, endorsed, accepted or approved by state regulatory agencies, including those licensing Emergency Medical Services, child care, education, public health, labor and others. These programs have been found acceptable for meeting requirements established by a wide variety of professional associations, such as American Camp Association and Boy Scouts of America, councils, academies and boards.

Every effort has been made to ensure that information contained within the text is consistent with current and accepted guidelines. Science and Technology are constantly creating new knowledge and practice in safety and health education. These programs are intended to give suggestions as to the proper procedures and protocols. The circumstances of each incident often vary widely. Guidelines for safety and emergency care cannot be given that will apply exactly in all cases.

Professional Statement

Florida Outdoor Academy is committed to offering courses designed to properly prepare our students to render appropriate medical attention to the sick and wounded. Our dedication to providing the very best possible education is unfailing. Our instructors are well trained and licensed or certified in their fields of expertise. We work with the most knowledgeable leaders in the industry to ensure our curriculum adheres to industry approved standards. We want to reassure our students that our curriculum is based on the most current industry standards and protocols used by leading providers in wilderness medicine. Our promise is to research each course we offer thoroughly to ensure we are following state or industry approved guidelines.

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