Cambodia: Kingdom of Water

Come with us to the wonderful Kingdom of Cambodia for an unforgettable experience. Most of your time in Cambodia will be spent paddling the mighty Mekong River and the Tonle Sap Lake. You will paddle the back “streets” of a village built on stilts towering over the water, explore an otherworldly flooded forest, and see the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin. You will be camping on islands, staying in remote villages, sleeping in floating houses, and of course spending a few nights in hotels and a lodge. In addition to the paddling sections of the trip, you will investigate Cambodia’s dark past.



Florida Outdoor Academy offers Expeditions Around the World with Garrett Cooper and his company Feral Human Expeditions to offer you exclusive authentic adventures.Garrett is one of our SOLO instructors a ACA Kayak Coach and got his degree in Expeditionary Studies. He is a proud member of the Explorers Club and has been guiding groups in remote places for half his life.

Experience Cambodia and paddling the mighty Mekong River with Garrett Cooper, experienced in leading expeditions all over the world. He is the owner and Chief Expedition Leader of Feral Human Expeditions taking students of all ages paddling ancient rivers, learning about indigenous culture, living with natives and investigating Cambodia’s dark past.
Experience camping on islands along the Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake. Your days will be spent paddling through flooded forests, floating villages, visiting a native bird sanctuary and exploring Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.

Trip Details

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Level of Difficulty: Moderate, paddling up to 20 miles in a day while going down the river. You should be comfortable maneuvering your boat in a light current. You must be comfortable camping for up to 3 consecutive nights with no facilities.

Group Size: 4-8 participants

Trip Origination and End: Begin and end in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. For your trip back home you have the option to fly out of Siem Reap on the last day (more expensive), or come with us on the 6 hour drive back to Phnom Penh.

Basic Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at the Phnom Penh airport, explore the Central Market, and discuss plans for the expedition.
Day 2: Explore the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek and visit Watt Phnom or Tuol Sleng.
Day 3: Travel to Stung Treng.
Day 4: Take a long tail boat to Khone Falls, look for dolphins, and camp on an island.
Day 5: First day paddling the Mekong. Navigate through islands and flooded forests. Camp.
Day 6: Explore more of the river, islands, and flooded forests. Spend the night at the Mekong Bird Resort.
Day 7: Enjoy a bicycle ride through nearby villages. Spend the night in a small village further down river.
Day 8: Say goodbye to your new village friends. Lunch on an island where dolphins can be seen. Camp.
Day 9: Drift past water buffalo and playing children as we explore more of the Mekong. Last night camping.
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About Garrett Cooper
In 2006 Garrett joined the Army as a Forward Observer and was selected by the 1-87 scout/sniper platoon with the 10th Mountain Division. After a nearly 15 month deployment to Iraq he got on his motorcycle and rode south. He rode for 7 months through Central and South America reaching Tierra del Fuego, then went north again into Brazil before flying home. He covered 21,000 miles on this trip and loved every one of them.

After returning to the States he earned his BS in Expeditionary Studies from Plattsburgh State University. Garrett has worked as an expedition medic for a dirt bike tour company in Cambodia, paddled solo in a native wooden boat down… Read More

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