SOLO Wilderness Medical Courses

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)​

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is FOA’s most popular course and it creates a solid foundation in the basics of backcountry medical care. Our Wilderness First Aid course acts as a base introduction to responding to, and treating, medical and environmental emergencies. SOLO Wilderness Medicine School provides the course curriculum and certification through Florida Outdoor Academy’s certified instructors.

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)​

This course is a 72-80 hour condensed course teaching First Responder equivalent skills for responding to emergencies in the backcountry. Response, patient assessment, stabilization and evacuation present the core of this training. The curriculum is provided by SOLO Wilderness Medicine and instruction is provided by FOA’s certified SOLO instructors.

Wilderness First Responder Re-Cert

Wilderness First Responder recertification course re-certifies your WFR certification for 3 years and comes with a WFR card. FOA’s course curriculum and certification is provided by Wilderness Medicine, and is taught by our SOLO certified instructors. If you are re-certifying with an organization other than SOLO contact us to make sure your other certification can be renewed with a SOLO WFA

Program Credentials

FOA curriculum provider is SOLO

SOLO Wilderness Medicine School works on an ongoing basis with hundreds of federal and state authorities to ensure regulatory compliance. These programs have been reviewed by and/or satisfy the requirements of the Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration (DOL/OSHA), the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard (DHS/USCG). These programs are also recognized, endorsed, accepted or approved by state regulatory agencies, including those licensing Emergency Medical Services, child care, education, public health, labor and others. These programs have been found acceptable for meeting requirements established by a wide variety of professional associations, such as American Camp Association and Boy Scouts of America, councils, academies and boards.

Every effort has been made to ensure that information contained within the text is consistent with current and accepted guidelines. Science and Technology are constantly creating new knowledge and practice in safety and health education. These programs are intended to give suggestions as to the proper procedures and protocols. The circumstances of each incident often vary widely. Guidelines for safety and emergency care cannot be given that will apply exactly in all cases.

Professional Statement

Florida Outdoor Academy is committed to offering courses designed to properly prepare our students to render appropriate medical attention to the sick and wounded. Our dedication to providing the very best possible education is unfailing. Our instructors are well trained and licensed or certified in their fields of expertise. We work with the most knowledgeable leaders in the industry to ensure our curriculum adheres to industry approved standards. We want to reassure our students that our curriculum is based on the most current industry standards and protocols used by leading providers in wilderness medicine. Our promise is to research each course we offer thoroughly to ensure we are following state or industry approved guidelines.

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